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Adobe PDF Converter

Adobe Systems introduced the PostScript programming language in 1985 to manage printing of electronic documents. Postscript became an industry standard for printing and imaging, and all of the major manufacturers build printers that are compatible with Postscript software. Postscript describes how text and images are to be presented on a printer or other output device, using industry standard typefaces. In recent years PostScript files have applied mostly to high-volume business printing functions, not for home and small business use. But PostScript is still heavily used.

Postscript (PS) documents can be converted to PDF documents using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe PDF Converter. The Adobe PDF Converter API is designed to convert PostScript files to PDF documents. It is based on the Adobe Distiller utility included in the Adobe Acrobat product, but as an API, you can convert Postscript files programmatically. You can also use the command line executable tool Demonorm to process Postscript file conversions, and build a batch file that can process these conversions automatically after business hours if you like.

Contact your Datalogics support representative for a copy of the Adobe PDF Converter user guide. We also provide service bulletins for PDF Converter customers and evaluators, posted on the customer portal.

Please note that the Adobe PDF Converter was formerly known as Adobe Normalizer.